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Soil and Water Conservation District Properties


Costello Nature Preserve

In the fall of 2004, the Costello and Vignola families donated 37 acres of woodland to the LaSalle County Soil & Water Conservation District. The property, known as the Costello Nature Preserve, is located in the Illinois River Bluff area between Marseilles and Seneca. The family has watched this area be devoured by residential housing over the years and wanted to protect the area from any future development. The district will have a forestry management plan developed for the property and hope to utilize the property with forestry education programs in the future.

Prairie Park

In December 2012, Thomas Warren of Somonauk, IL donated 7.8 acres of land in Northville Township to the LaSalle County Soil & Water Conservation District.  It was Mr. Warren's wish that the park be open to the public. The prairie is in the process of restoring the vegetation that existed before the steel plow touched the soil.  The district plans to add a parking lot for public use.


Rasmusen Natural Area

The Rasmusen Nature Area is an outdoor education area that was donated to the District. In the early 90's, the Rasmusen family donated this 27 acre parcel of land to the district so it could be preserved and used for outdoor education. In 2004, the District hosted it's initial education event for local students to come and experience this natural treasure in Northville Township. Currently, Nature Day Programs are offered to LaSalle County third graders in the Spring and programs are offered the the county's fourth graders in the fall. Areas of interest on the property are: Prairies, Savannas, Creek/Wetlands, and Woodland.

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