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2023 Conservation Farm Family

 The Nagel Family











(From left to right- Sandy and Bill





(From left to right, Sandy and Bill Nagel)


     When Bill began farming with his father they would plow the ground in the fall to prepare for spring planting. After weighing the options and trying to reduce soil erosion throughout the years, the Nagels decided to try a no-till system by drilling soybeans and planting no-till corn in 1996.  Bill and his father never looked back and sold all of their tillage equipment a few years later. 

    The Nagels have implemented many conservation practices on their farm through the USDA Farm Service Agency's Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).  The practices the Nagels use include: Grassed waterways, filter strips, field borders, pollinator habitat, and cool and warm season grass plantings.

     All of their efforts protect the soil from erosion, improve water quality, increase soil health and enhance wildlife habitat.



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